Max Coates custom designed flip flop in association with Year One Flip Flops.


Product Info:


Year One use a comfortable rubber and EVA sole, their soles have a white polyester material which is glued to the top of the sole.  Imagery is dye sublimated.


Year One straps are made from a soft flexible PVC rubber.

Max Coates Flip Flop

  • Yearone Custom Flip Flops come in 5 different sizes. Deciding sizes for flip flops is really hard and it’s not the same as a shoe size. Shoes don’t need to account for the length of the wearers toes whereas flip flops do. There’s also personal preference to consider. Some people like to have their feet go right to the edge of the flip flop. Some people like to have a buffer between their feet and the edge of the flip flop. We recommend people that are on the border of a size should go up a size.