To most people, Motorsport and circuit racing is single person sport, one driver taking the glory and spraying the champagne. This couldn't be further from the truth!


Behind every sportsperson is a team of people and Max is no different.  In the early days it started out with his Mum (Karen), Dad (Rob) and brother (Greg).  That family team has grown and now includes a number of people working alongside Max to help him achieve his potential on the race track.

Team HARD. Renault Clio Cup Team
Rob Coates - Number 1 Mechanic
Gary Clement - Number 2 Mechanic
Lukas Jonassen - Number 3 Mechanic
Si Shaw - Driver Coach
Gary Bush - Data Engineer
Niamh - Grid Girl
Rich Fraser - Social Media
Robin Palmer - Sponsorship & PR
Nanny - Number 1 Fan
Damian Martin - Videographer
Team Max
Ethan Hammerton - team mate
Maddy Devine - photography
Josh Bashford - Team HARD. Marketing
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